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ES File Explorer APK

An excellent tool for file and program management is ES file explorer APK. Files and programs can be managed using the ES file explorer manager In addition to management this tool comes along with many different features like tool for direct storage in cloud drive through (Drop box, and Googledrive), killing running apps, and also the FTP client so that it can be used with your mobile and personal computer both. So there is no need to wait for more as to make file management easy anyone can find ES file explorer file manager apk download for pc using downloading options from different web sources.

Es file explorer APK

ES File Explorer Apk allows the user to connect to the shared folder of Windows Homegroup directly and to upload the files. It was never this easy to transfer the files between windows and the android phones, but now thankfully with ES download manager, it is now possible.

ES File Explorer Apk

File management can get very easy for Android users with android ES file explorer apk; they will be able to get access to anything with android file browser apk and can share anything using their mobile device whenever they want to. Photo uploading, 3G connection management and watching videos on Android have now become very easy with ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer Apk allows working on your files with as much ease as working on the PC; it offers the same options that are otherwise specifically accustomed to PC, like copying, pasting, deleting, creating and renaming, also these files can very easily be sent to anyone using the email option.

ES file explorer apk download can be achieved using play store on androids. The steps involved to download apk ES file explorer are similar to downloading procedure of any other application. You can install ES File Explorer on play store as well.For more progressive android user ES File Explorer Apk is a tool of great use, and a great deal of tasks can be done with just a click.

Different versions of ES File Explorer Apk

The most efficient and ample file manager for androids is ES file explorer. Best version of ES file explorer is version 3 so far, as it has brought many additional features like now with this feature it can be used as a browser, for playing videos, for viewing photos and can also be used as a cloud file manager.

ES file apk download for the new version can also be done using play store for androids. It can also be downloaded for PC, download pc version from any browser. This version has come up with the option to integrate different accounts to it like it can be integrated with Drop box, One Drive, Google Drive and many other options. Using this application is very easy however more guidance can be achieved by Google.

The ES file explorer manager has come up with its premium version known as the ES file explorer Apk; this enables one to explore both the internal as well as the external memory by accessing to the root folder. One can download es file explorer apk with play store. It is sensible to install the root Apk as with it androids archive better and more. Rooting is a process with which one can get root access to any device.It means one can get access to the system’s core part.

Rooting technology

If you get the access to the system than you can do anything to it. The new version of ES File Explorer Apk 3.1.2 offers the root only ability; it allows to read the files and to write then to the external SD card. From Google play store this version can be downloaded, as ES File Explorer Apk is promoting the spirit of rooting technology. The root explorer also carries the option for External SD card storage, the steps involved in transferring the data to external storage is quite an easy one have to create the folder on external storage than an automatic pop up will appear asking for the consent to ES File Explorer Apk to do so.

The Zip Plugin

 To manipulate the archives ES file explorer 7z is used as a plugin. The ES file explorer zip plugin manages to make all the archive files to come up as the usual files in the file manager. For compressed files operations can be done by right-clicking the files given in the file manager and then from their appropriate command can be chosen from the menu.

7-Zip for ES File Explorer

For extracting the file there are two ways, right-click the archive file and go to 7-Zip and click on extract files and command item, to extract specific files only open the file with an Open archive with 7-Zip and then select the specific item to be archived and then run the copy to command. These archive can also be tested, the options come in the menu where you can test the archive using the command.

Installing the APK for the computer

ES file browser apk can be downloaded for computers from many different sources that are present across the World Wide Web.But it is very important to choose the right website as there are much different malicious software’s available which can lead to compromising the security of your PC.

One can also download the hack tool for android as it allows you to get access to the newest versions of different applications and games from hacked apk.

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File Manager: This app has an amazing file management system. Moreover, you can access the files, folders, apps, movies, music and other folders on your PC, mobile, Linux server, etc.

File Transfer: This app helps you to transfer the files and folders from mobile to mobile, PC to mobile or mobile to a laptop with ease. This is possible because the application comes with a remote file manager.

SD Card Analysis: This app analyses your SD card and shows you the exact space available on your memory card. In this manner, you can delete the unwanted files and folders from your mobile phone and optimize the storage to its best.

Archive Manager: This app has an in-built compressor and unzipper to archive and unarchive the files and folders on your smartphone. So, whenever you want to compress the folder or files, you need not depend on third party application for compression and unzipping. This app serves as an all-rounder for all your file management needs.

Thumbnails: This app shows the thumbnails of the images, applications, other files and folders like music and videos. You can also manage the files on ES File Explorer through FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.

Memory Booster: One of the best things about ES file explorer is that it can kill the background tasks, which are consuming more of your RAM and battery. In this manner, you can optimize your battery and RAM.

Multi-Language Support: It supports multiple languages like Czech, Tamil, Portuguese, French, Spanish and many more.

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