Download All Es File Manager Versions Apk Older And Newer 2018

Es File Manager

Es File Explorer release many beta versions or with upgrade app.  so,you can select suitable version for you device.

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Different versions of ES File Manager Apk

The most efficient and ample file manager for androids is ES file Manager. Best version of ES file Manager is version 3 so far, as it has brought many additional features like now with this feature it can be used as a browser, for playing videos, for viewing photos and can also be used as a cloud file manager.

ES file apk download for the new version can also be done using play store for androids. It can also be downloaded for PC, download pc version from any browser. This version has come up with the option to integrate different accounts to it like it can be integrated with Drop box, One Drive, Google Drive and many other options. Using this application is very easy however more guidance can be achieved by Google.

The ES file explorer ios manager has come up with its premium version known as the ES file Manager Pro Apk; this enables one to explore both the internal as well as the external memory by accessing to the root folder. One can download es file Modifier pro apk with play store. It is sensible to install the root Apk as with it androids archive better and more. Rooting is a process with which one can get root access to any device.It means one can get access to the system’s core part.

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