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About Es File Version v4.

ES File manager v4. release in 2017 with upgraded tools.  so,you can select suitable version for you device.

This version Contains many bug fixes and reliable ftp support.

Es File Version v4.

Whats new in es file Manager v4.

ES File Explorer v4. also lets you access your remote files via different protocols, be it via FTP, SMB, or a shared local connection through your local network. Here we explain how to do the latter.

  • Obviously you’ll have to enable shared folders on your computer, which you can do from the option in the Network section of the Windows explorer. When you go to that window a tab will pop up if the option is not enabled.
  • Now go to any folder you want to share, right-click to go to the Properties section, and select the Share
  • In the Advanced Share section you’ll need to tick the Share this folder box, and can choose a different name for it to appear on the network, as well as modify the editing permissions.
  • Going back to ES File Explorer, from the left popup menu you’ll drop down the Network section and click on LAN.
  • When you click on the bottom Scan button it will detect all the shared resources on the network, where you should find the remote machine you’ve just shared. When you click, it will ask you for the username and password. There are features there for group sharing based on inviting profiles and other options, and to edit them you’ll need to enter your administrator details for Windows.
  • You should then have full access to shared folders, with the added benefit of being able to directly view multimedia files such as photos, video, or audio.

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  • Additional Info About Es file Manager v4.

Es file explorer is a great tool for managing files and programs. it comes with a multitude of     additional features     such    as    a   tool   for   killing   running applications,   Es file   explorer   ES File Explorer v4.  takes  direct cloud drive  storage    (via   Dropbox,   Google Drive,       or onedrive).and an FTP client so   you can use it  both on your mobile device as well as your  PC more info about   es file    explorer.The    program   allows any  Android   user   to   easily manage    all    of    their    files, being  able to access anything on their mobile device     and    then    share it.

if they ES File Explorer v4.   so want   to.   Uploading   photos,    watching    movies.          and managing your 3G connection is now even   easier.When   working with your   files, you    will  have the classic options you are accustomed to on desktop computers, such as copy, paste, cut, create, delete, and rename. But, you can also send files to anybody via email.

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